A drone from my Roland System-100m. NO TWEAKING

Its just the system100m you hearing. I made a stereo patch and the left channel goes thru a Ibanez AD202 and the right channel is going thru a Ibanez UE405 of which i only use the delay. At the end of the signal i push it through a Fostex stereo spring-verb. The whole patch is build around 3 sounds. The first is a pink-noise thru the phaser and audio-delay to create the pseudo-stereo effect on it. The second sound is a ring-mod percussive sound which get triggers thru a gate-delay which makes it pretty unpredictable. And the last sound is the “melody” type of sound, build up from 3 oscillators on which each one has it own LFO on the CV-in. Giving each oscillator his own LFO was a idea i saw in the dwanatron.

Hope you guys enjoy it, so sit back, put on those headphones, press play, close your eyes and listen. Thanks